youth ministry

In Rhema Aflame Ministries, the youth are also known as young adults. The activities in this department are designed for Christians that are from age 20 and above who are still single. They may still engage in their academic pursuits, or be in one vocation or the other. This is the age many young people tend to take decisions on their own, being fully aware of the consequences of their actions. As a result, every teaching here is created to meet them at the point of their needs, and prepare them for the challenges ahead - to remember and involve the Lord in all their doings - Eccl.12:1; Psm.22:9-10; Psm.34:11; Psm71:17

Also at this age, many youths are full of strength and want to show off their skills and talents. In Rhema Aflame Ministries, we prayerful discover the skills and talents of each youth and encourage them to use them for the glory of God without having unhealthy rivalry. This actually prepares them for God's purpose for their lives and has opportunity to develop a healthy competition based on their skills in the service of God.

At Rhema Aflame Ministries, we welcome you to participate fully in our youth department allowing you to utilize your skills and natural gifts to glorify God, and become a shining example for your piers to emulate.