our vision


RHEMA AFLAME MINISTRIES (RAM) was established as a result of the VISION the LORD gave to its Founder; Pastor Joseph 'Sola Adedoyin in January, 1990 when he was in Nigeria. The vision was to bring END-TIME REVIVAL to the Nations of the world and prepare the Body of Christ ready for RAPTURE. In accordance to this vision, Life Expressions Tabernacle was launched as a fellowship arm of the ministry by Pastor Joseph and his wife; Seyi in the sitting of their apartment. Since, Life Expressions Tabernacle has become a fellowship where sound doctrines with revelatory messages are being taught by the inspiration and power of the Holy Ghost.


  1. Form An Assembly of God's People (Church) from all tribes and nations in every country as the Lord shall lead; declaring the majestic power of the Holy Spirit to bring sinners to repentance, set the captives free, liberate the oppressed and proclaim that Jesus Christ is alive forever.

  2. Preach And Teach sound Christian doctrines and undiluted Word of God by the power of the Holy Ghost.

  3. Make People And Nations Discover God's Purposes and Destinies.

  4. Herald the 2nd Coming Of Jesus Christ, teach and prepare the members of Life Expressions Tabernacle ready for rapture.

  5. Train and Equip Members with the Word of God to constitute a spirit-filled army for the LORD and excellent people with aims to always go forth to conquer nations and lands in order to deliver the oppressed, set the captives free and preserve souls in preparation for the LORD'S second coming."