operation 2 by 2In Rhema Aflame Ministries, we imbibe the methods Jesus Christ used to evangelize His immediate environment and other areas where He visited to touch people's lives and turned their situations around. He sent His disciples out 2-by-2 - Luk.10:1-2.

We believe Jesus Christ has sent us out and our evangelism activities are done in this way. We encourage every member to get involved in evangelism and reach out 2-by-2 to the people in their immediate environment and invite them for the visitation of the Holy Spirit. Individual family members can do this on their own; going out as a family for evangelism and other church members also do it 2-by-2.

At every meeting in Rhema Aflame Ministries, we experience the visitations of the Holy Ghost. Therefore different people from different backgrounds are engaged during our evangelism outreaches, sometimes we pray for their needs on the street and invite them to our meetings for the visitations of the Lord.

Our evangelism time is a time of excitement in the Holy Ghost. It is not a time to miss!