counselling ministryThe purpose of counselling is to solve the problem people have through the help of the Holy Spirit who empowers us by His Grace to operate in the prophetic gifts such as the word of knowledge the word of wisdom and the gift of prophesy.

At Rhema Aflame Ministries, through the Holy Spirit, the prophetic gifts are operational and this makes the process of counselling a rewarding experience for those who receive counselling. Ministers who are involved in counselling are matured Christians, filled with Holy Spirit and they allow Him to guide them while they give the right words of counselling. They are trained by the ministry in line with the ethos of the church teachings which are bible based.

Are you discouraged, and in need of a word of encouragement? Are you emotionally disturbed and need an upliftment? Are the challenges of life driving you to take drastic actions? Stop for a while and look no further. We are here to be blessings to you.

You can call us on (+44)7958546097, or send us your prayer request and we will promptly and adequately attend to your needs.