Miraculous Provision

I attended Rhema Aflame Ministries (Life Epressions Tabernacle) between years 2005 - 2007. Prior to this time, as a medical doctor, I struggled endlessly trying to get a job in spite of having all the necessary qualifications. With prophetic words, prayers, supports and encouragement from the Pastor Joseph, I saw God opening windows of opportunities for jobs.

It was also during this period that God made a miraculous provision. I had no job when I got married but for His mercies, God showed His benevolence once again by opening up doors following my wedding. I had so much job opportunities beyond my imaginations.

I thank God for Rhema Aflame Ministries and give Him all the glory.

Dr. O.

Grenden, Nottinghamshire


Answers To Prayers and Unexpected Open Doors

I received prayer from the Pastor of Rhema Aflame Ministries for my daughter Esther (11 years old), who suffered significant hair loss and was having bald head. We had applied the medicines that the doctor recommended without any change. I discussed it with Pastor Joseph, he prayed with my daughter and the Spirit of God spoke through him saying her hair will grow again. To Jesus be all the glory, a few weeks after, her hair has grown back longer than before and it shall be permanent in Jesus name.

I went to join a Wednesday prayer meeting conducted at Rhema Aflame Ministries. During the meeting Pastor Joseph was teaching on giving and receiving when you sow into the work of God. I felt led to sow a seed to the man of God's life, which I did. Shortly after I took this step of faith, the next day the Lord opened an unexpected door to preach the gospel in Jamaica to me. We serve a mighty God.

God has used Pastor Joseph several times to pray for me and my family and we have experienced answers to our prayers.

Sister T.

London, UK

Complete Turn Around In My Life

On the 8th of August, 2004, I was asked by a friend to accompany him to visit a Church, which happened to be 3 minutes from my home and I did. At this time, I was going through various challenges in my life. I was going through the disappointment of a failed relationship, failure in examinations and other challenges. When I went to the service that day, the man of God - Pastor Joseph Adedoyin was ministering and during his ministration, gave several Words of Knowledge and prophesies, most of which I felt were directed to me, and I therefore receive them by faith. After the service, I spoke to the Man of God, and he prayed with me, and invited me to attend their Wednesday evening prayer meetings and on the 11th August 2004, I attended the meeting.

On that day I remember that the man of God spoke about the effect of the attack on Gideon and his people by the Midianites, and after the word was preached, we prayed fervently about the needs of all the people in attendance. Since that day, I started to zealously attend the Sunday and Wednesday evening meetings regularly. During one of the meetings, the Man of God gave me a word that God said I should forget about the young man who had broken my heart, and that the guy was an unstable and he would not give me peace in my marriage. Pastor Joseph said also that God was bringing another man and the person would come my way soon. A few months later, a wonderful man of God manifested and proposed marriage to me and we got married a few months later.

In addition, before joining Rhema Aflame Ministries, I had made 2 failed attempts to pass an important examination. The pattern was that out of 3 papers I would pass 2 and failed one, and if you fail one you have failed all, and I could only take the exams 2 times. At the end of the 2nd time, if all the papers are not passed I would not be able to re-take it. I discussed it with Pastor Joseph and he prayed with me telling me to expect a miracle. God being the miracle worker He is, I took the paper and passed it.

The thing about Pastor Joseph that blessed me is that he is a man of God who is confident in the God that he serves and confident about God's unrelenting faithfulness to bring to pass every good thing that he has promised in his word. Pastor did not cease to encourage and pray for me during this period. He is a man of God who is committed to preaching the undiluted truth in the word of God. A man who does not compromise on the word and is determined to fulfill the mandate to let the Body of Christ and the world know that our Lord Jesus Christ is coming soon.

In Rhema Aflame Ministries, it's not just about getting our breakthroughs here on earth but it is also about ensuring that our eternal life is secured and that the message about the 2nd coming of Christ is heralded loud and clear.

My life has been greatly enriched by my encounter with this great Man of God, and I thank God for all that He is using him and his wife to do in the Body of Christ.


Sister C.

Romford, UK

No More Miscarriages

I want to thank God for what he has done for me. Formerly, I used to have series of miscarriages. One day I met Pastor Joseph Adedoyin sharing leaflets during an evangelism work around Barking. He invited me to visit Rhema Aflame Ministries. A few days later started attending the meetings. On my first day in the Church, after the service, I told him all sorts of attacks I have been going through. This time around, I was pregnant and afraid of losing the pregnancy again. He prayed with me and told me God has changed my story, and that I would not lose the pregnancy and the baby shall live. Since then, I have not experienced any miscarriage and today God has blessed me with two lovely baby boys.

So I would like to encourage anyone going through any difficult times, spiritual attacks, and situations that have defied human solutions to visit Rhema Aflame Ministries. If God did not pass me by when Pastor Joseph prayed with me, He will not pass you by as well. You have carried the weight of that burden and yoke enough. He wants to remove it from you and give you the healing, deliverance and breakthroughs you desire. He will put laughter in your mouth and you shall laugh again. Amen.

Sister R.

Barking,Essex, UK