prophesy 2012

2012 - God's Year of Divine Purpose And Accomplishments

"May He grant you according to your own heart, and fulfill (Accomplish) all your plans (Purposes)" MKJV Psm20:4

2012 is God's year of Divine Purpose and Accomplishments for His Church in Rhema Aflame Ministry - a.k.a. Life Expressions Tabernacle

Prophesy For Members of Rhema Aflame Ministries

  • Members Of Rhema Afalme Ministries shall be brought into fullness of God's Purposes for their lives.
  • Members Of Rhema Aflame Ministries shall no longer serve other purposes as before.
  • Members of Rhema Aflame Ministries shall Flourish in other area of life as they serve God's purposes for their lives.
  • Members of Rhema Aflame Ministries shall be carriers of Force of Prosperity and be blessed greater than before.
  • Members Of Rhema Aflame Ministries shall have Personal Victories.
  • The year of Answer to Prayers.
  • The year of Accomplishments.

Prayer Points:

Please Pray That-

  1. Every member of Rhema Aflame Ministries will work and grow within and for God's purpose - 2Pet.3:18; Hos.14:5; Mal.4:2-3; Ish.14:26-27.
  2. Great multitude of people shall come and discover God's purpose for their lives in Rhema Aflame Ministries and serve Him within the purpose - Ish.2:2-3; Ish.27:13; Psm.22:27; Zec.8:20-23.
  3. God should make known and bring you into His purpose for your in 2012 - Psm.32:8; Prov.3:5-6.
  4. Personal victories for members - Psm.32:7; Psm.119:114; Rom.16:20.
  5. God should end the struggles of your life and give you grace for accomplishments - Phil.4:12-13; 2Cor.12:9-10.
  6. God should destroy any form of curses from your life and let you be greatly blessed - Gal.3:13-14; Prov.26:2.
  7. God should increase the status and promote Members of Rhema Aflame Ministries - Psm.71:21.
  8. Every satanic spirit monitoring and opposing God's purpose and your progress in life be cut off - 1Pet.5:8-9.
  9. Every satanic spirit attached to any area of my life be cut off and be destroyed - Psm.75:10; Psm.145:20; Ish.14:5-6.
  10. God should anoint and make every Member of Rhema Aflame Ministries to flourish in 2012 and onward - Psm.92:10-15; Psm148:14; Deut.28:2-13.

2012 Prophesies For The Body Of Christ

  • Beginning from 2012, the Body of Christ shall be brought fully into God's Purpose
  • The Body of Christ shall begin to walk in Complete Obedience of Commandments of Christ. No more Compromise.
  • Power and glory of God will soon manifest in the Church as it was in the early Church, and in the midst of this the Church will be raptured.

Prayer Points:

Please Pray That-

  1. God should restore the Body of Christ to His purpose in these last days - Matt.28:18-20; Mar.16:15, 20; Luk.24:46-48; Jhn.20:15-17, 19; Acts.1:4-8.
  2. The Church should walk in complete obedience of the commandments of Jesus Christ - Jhn.14:15; Jhn.15:10-14; 1Tim.6:13-14.
  3. God should release the last days anointing upon the Body of Christ for signs, wonders and miracle that the world has never seen before - Joel2:28-29; Acts2:16-18.
  4. God should begin to prepare His Church for rapture - Matt.25:1-13; Rev.22:12; Phil.3:20-21.

2012 Prophesies For Great Britain

During our watch night service for the year 2011, God use Pastor Joseph Adedoyin to prophesy that certain things would happen in the United Kingdom that would send shock and awe across the land. People would be alarmed and say - "We have never seen these before". From this moment; God told us in Rhema Aflame Ministries to begin to pray for the peace of Great Britain which we continue to do up till today.

To avoid a similar trend of 2011 shock and awe events, God wants us to continue to pray for the UK in 2012.

Prayer Points:

Please Pray That-

2Chron.7:12-15; Psm.122:6-7

  1. God's peace will be upon United Kingdom.
  2. God' maximum protection will be upon the United Kingdom.
  3. God should grant the leadership of the United Kingdom; beginning from the queen wisdom to lead United Kingdom in the will and fear of God.
  4. God should heal United Kingdom.