caleb generation

In Rhema Aflame Ministries, every hand is on deck. You will always have a role to play. Regardless of age there is always an opportunity to serve and be served. People of all status will find relevance in the service of the Lord. The activities in the Caleb Generation department are capable of meeting all your needs - spiritually, marital relationship, financially, etc and prepare you for the return of the LORD Jesus Christ. Members of the Caleb Generation Department are mature members who are always mentors for the children and young adults to emulate. We believe that they should be exemplary mature Christians who walk with God - 1Cor.4:16; 1Cor.11:1; Phil.3:17; 1Thess.1:16; Heb.6:11-12.

Just like Caleb generation in the Bible, we aim for higher heights of achievements - Josh.14:10-12. And through God, you can do greater things - Psm.60:12.